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Rockin' Redwings Marching Band Camp

8/15-8/19 (M-F)

8/22-8/25 (M-Th)

Parent Preview Show:

Thursday 8/25, 4pm

What to expect:

Marching band camp is how we prepare our competitive halftime show for the fall.  Attendance is mandatory.  It will be difficult.  It will be hot.  You will get breaks, but you will need to focus during practice and rehearsal so that we can create an amazing show.  We will be performing in 6 competitions this year, so we will be bringing up our game more than ever before.

What to bring:



2. Food-There will be scheduled dinner breaks (usually 3:45-4:30PM)

3. Water Bottle- We will be out in the sun in the afternoon, so it is important to stay hydrated.  In order to keep practice moving, it's best to have your own water bottle for a quick break

4. Sunscreen/hat- Being in the sun for 2 hours can make most people burn.  Please come prepared.

Week 1 Schedule:

Dinner Breaks 3:45-4:30PM

Monday- (2:30-8:30PM)

Tuesday- (1:00-7:00pm) Sports Team Day

Wednesday- (1:30-7:30PM) Squad Color Day

Thursday- (1:00-7:00PM) Music Shirt Day

Friday- (2:30-8:30PM) Crazy Socks Day

Week 2 Schedule:

Monday- (1:00-7:00PM) Twin Day

Food Break- 2:45-3:30PM

Tuesday- (1:00-7:00PM) Cartoon/Costume Day

Food Break- 2:45-3:30PM

Wednesday- (12:00-6:00PM) Decades Day

Food Break- 3:00-3:45PM

Thursday- (12:00-4:30PM) Band Camp Shirt Day

Food Break- 1:45-2:30PM

Thursday Parent Preview: 4pm

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